Phinley at its finest...


Phinley Design is a collection of works by freelance artist & designer Josie (Josephine) Lyn.

She's a lover of laughter, coffee junkie, work-day bicyclist, rock climbing buff, taco freak, and a pretty damn good designer.

"I love to design. I absolutely love it. I don't always know where it is taking me and how it will end up, but the relationships that blossom, the innovation there is to be had, and the material I learn and absorb throughout the process has me hooked." 

Josie's creative engine is fueled by purpose-driven design. She is inspired by design that motivates; design that can bridge a complex message with captivating visuals. Josie is passionate about connecting with people and bringing aesthetic vision to life. It is her ambition to never stop chasing big goals and dreams in order to creating lasting, intentional design. Do you have a design concept or artistic vision in need of that fine-tuned, driving force of development? Josie's your girl. Contact her at the link above to get this (design) party started, or check out her shop for a specific list of design services and prints!