Phinley Wedding Package

Phinley Wedding Package


The Phinley Wedding Package Includes:

  • Digital Wedding Invitation design, front & back, unique to you
  • Digital RSVP design, front & back
  • Digital Program design
  • Digital Menu design
  • Digital specialty/reserved seating signage
  • Website design or editing with invite style
    • referred site source (free) : Splashthat
      • Click HERE for an example
    • Can incorporate engagement photos
  • Includes initial round of mock-up designs 
  • Includes two rounds of edits per item, if necessary

It gives me so much joy as an artist to collaborate with you in order to bring you and your partner's unique personas to life on this special day. An essential part of my creative process is mood-boarding - gathering the inspirational details that form the building blocks for a perfect design. I can't wait to get started, I can't wait to put your story to canvas.

I land on my price point based on hours accrued during the design process. Based on my history of invitation-design, I've spent a minimum of 15 hours putting an invitation together, an entire package lands in the range of 30-35 hours of work. This includes everything from research, storyboarding, mock-up designs, painting, hand-lettering, digital editing, supplies, and final proofing. 

Check out my other wedding packages for a more simplistic incorporation of your unique design. I am willing to work with you on an individual basis in order to create a package that is just right.

*Pricing is subject to change at any point based on feedback and project scope. I will do my best to not overestimate, however, last minute changes and edits over the limit of (2) rounds are subject to a $25 charge per request.

Price does not include final printed invitations, this is for the digital invitation & RSVP design only, unless otherwise discussed. Printer & paper recommendations are available upon request - pricing for those services can range greatly based on your budget and needs. The Margo package rounds paint design into the edit. If you have a more simplistic design in mind that excludes paint, you can contact me for a discount inquiry.


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